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8mm Movie Projector

MarketedSeptember 1963
Original Price39,500 yen (w/15-25mm f/1.5)

This was Canon’s second high-performance 8mm movie projector, following the P-8 (released in 1958.) The design was changed to emphasize slimness and a neat cubic vertical style. A perfect auto-loading system was adopted, and high-quality projection was achieved with a newly designed sharp zoom lens, as well as a 21.5V 150W high-efficiency lamp with built-in cold mirror. Main controls were aligned rationally on one side. Other high-performance features included broad-range speed adjustment, high-speed rewinding and reverse projection, as well as easy operation.

Acceptable film Regular 8 type 8mm film
Aperture Size 3.3 x 4.4 mm
Film Type Switching Not available (Regular 8 only)
Projection Lens P-8 15-25mm f/1.5
Projection Lamp 21.5 V 150 W
Pilot Lamp Not available
Film Loading Film tip insertion type automatic loading
Standard Projection Speed 16 fps
Projection speed adjustable range Approx. 12 - 24 fps
Still Projection Possible
Slow Motion projection Not possible
Reverse Projection Possible
Take-up Reel Capacity Approx. 120 m (400 ft). Automatic take-up reel.
Rewinding Manual start
Rewinding Time Approx. 40 sec.
Power Source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 200 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 225 x 330 x 115 mm
Weight 7300 g