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16mm Movie Camera

SCOOPIC 16 [A] [E] [J]
Marketed June 1965
Original Price 295,000 yen

The Scoopic 16, launched in 1965 with its name derived from the word "scoop" in the jargon of news broadcasting, was developed by Canon as the world’s first 16 mm movie camera with a built-in zoom lens that was not merely limited to news reportage but had many other wide applications as well.

With this camera both high functionality and full capacity were made possible with such features as a wide angle 6:1 zoom lens, a servo mechanism that made the camera easy to operate even for inexperienced users, electromotive film feed and semi-automatic loading mechanisms, and many other features. The camera's layout and design were also novel, the first of its kind in the world at that time.

The Canon DS-8, released for sale in 1970, was also being designed based on the concept and layout of the Scoopic 16.

Type 16mm movie camera
Image Size 10.26 x 7.49 mm
Film 30.5 m (100 ft.) of 16 mm single or double-perforated film
Lens Focal Length/Speed 13 to 76 mm f/1.6 (18 elements in 13 groups)
Zooming Ratio 5.85:1
Focusing Manual(front-element focusing) 1.5 m to infinity
Zooming Manual (lever attached)
Front Thread Diameter 72 mm
Viewfinder Type Single-lens reflex (eyepiece rotates)
Rangefinder Micro-prism rangefinder
Dioptric Adjustment -4 to +2 diopters ( eyesight fixture ring attached )
Information Aperture value, metering needle, over/under exposure warning marks, manual aperture mark
Exposure Control Type Completely automatic Electric Eye system that employs a light-sensitive CdS photo cell and servo circuit
Metering Range ISO 320 f/1.6 16 fps. to ISO 10 f/22 48 fps.
Film Speed ISO 10 to 320 (1/3-stop increments)
Aperture Adjustment Manual ring adjustment possible from f/1.6 to f/22
Film Drive Type Servo film drive by a built-in micromotor
Film Loading Side-cover loading system. Setting film lead in the guide feeds it onto the take-up spool (cover will not close until film has been loaded)
Filming Speed 16, 24, 32, 48 fps.
Power Source Canon Ni-Cd 12V batteries for both film drive and aperture auto control circuit
Batteries located either internally (camera body) or externally
Battery recharge time approximately 14 hours at normal temperature
Battery Life 8 rolls of 100-ft. each at 24 fps. (normal temperature)
Footage Counter Footage count with a 5-ft. scale, automatically returns to "S" every time side cover is opened
Battery Checker Button press mini-meter display
Shutter Shutter Opening 135 degrees
Sockets Shutter release cable, external power supply, tape recorder
Grip Fixed hand-grip with hand strap provided
Tripod Socket 2 types: CU1/4, CU3/8
Other Many types of Canon 72 mm and Series IX filters, close up lens, exclusive hood, battery charger, cold-protection case, and carrying cases
Dimensions (W x H x D) 147 x 222 x 280 mm
Weight 3100 g