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The Frontline of Camera Design : EOS M The Frontline of Camera Design : EOS M The Frontline of Camera Design : EOS M The Frontline of Camera Design : EOS M The Frontline of Camera Design : EOS M The Frontline of Camera Design : EOS M The Frontline of Camera Design : EOS M

The EOS DNA in a Mirrorless Camera

"Bringing the EOS concept into a mirrorless camera."
This was the overall approach adopted by the design team for the EOS M camera, which comprised Seishiro Takano, who was responsible for the body and interchangeable lenses; Shingo Yamazaki, designer of the user interface; Megumi Inazumi, in charge of accessories and other parts; and Shosaku Kawashima, the team leader.
Mr. Kawashima - who sought to carry forward the speed, comfort, and picture quality of the EOS series - remained committed to the clear EOS advantage of imbuing a compact body with strength and durability. In other words, the goal was to develop a mirrorless compact camera that incorporated the DNA of EOS.
The design team set a high hurdle for themselves by setting out to combine miniaturization with increased functionality. As a result, all members of the team took on bold challenges in their respective assignments.

The EOS Experience Distilled into a Compact Body

"We want people to experience joy of the EOS, even in a compact body."
With this thought at the forefront, Mr. Takano carefully considered the optimal location for the shutter release on the body of the EOS M, aiming to create a model that allowed the index finger to fall naturally on the shutter release button. He then sought to achieve an exquisite fit by creating a surface so soft that it seemed to have been ground smooth. The proposed layout aligned the LCD monitor with the center of the lens. This produced a more natural appearance by which the subject in the viewfinder did not appear to deviate from that in the photographer's gaze. Careful consideration was also given to the shape and position of the handgrips on the front and rear in order to keep the fingers away from the lens. By seeking and achieving the ideal balance between functionality and simplicity of shape, they have satisfied both objectives.

Designer Profile

Design Center Shosaku Kawashima

I have contributed to the design of numerous new products including cameras, printers, portable terminals, head-mounted displays, and LCD projectors. As head of design, I am now coordinating the design of the entire EOS M Series.

Design Center Seishiro Takano

I am in charge of product design, specifically the camera body and lens adapter of the EOS M. This model is intended to reflect the EOS sense of "commitment to photography." Rather than seek to impress, I prefer to devise simple and easy-to-use designs.

Design Center Megumi Inazumi

I'm responsible for developing cameras, lenses, and camera accessories. I like traveling, eating, and taking photos to record my memories. I try to design products that users will love.

Design Center Shingo Yamazaki

I'm responsible for developing the graphical user interface primarily for DSLR cameras.
My goals are not only ease of use, but also the development of an even more comfortable experience.