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The Frontline of Camera Design : EOS Kiss X5

Opening the door to “a life of photography”

Since the era of the film camera, Canon’s EOS Series has been a source of compact, easy-to-use single-lens reflex cameras. Some of these cameras have gained a very high profile. Although the era of the digital camera has clearly arrived, many still enjoy using single-lens reflex cameras. To such devotees, the EOS Series has been bringing a great deal of joy.
Now the Canon EOS Rebel T3i (EOS 600D / EOS Kiss X5) has made its debut. This innovative camera has become even more well-rounded with the inclusion of additional advanced functions. It is the fruit of Canon designers’ efforts to further expand the potential of those lifestyles that revolve around photography.
This Canon EOS Rebel T3i, as well as the “EOS PREMIUM ACCESSORIES” introduced at the same time, reveal the efforts of their designers — Haruki Ota, Keita Sato, and Megumi Inazumi — to open the door to “a life of photography.”

Answering the needs of a wide range of users

The EOS Series has long conveyed the pleasure of using single-lens reflex cameras to a wide range of users from novice to professional.
To benefit those who are new to this class of camera, Canon has designed EOS Series cameras with exceptional usability and a high degree of functionality.
As a result, a wide range of users have praised the EOS Series for having evolved as a compact, highly functional, professional-grade line of single-lens reflex cameras that are extraordinarily easy to use.
The designers of EOS Series had to meet one overarching challenge: to satisfy the diverse needs of users ranging from highly demanding professional photographers to complete beginners who might be using a pro-level single-lens reflex camera for the very first time. Clearly, these designers have succeeded.

Designer Profile


Design Center HARUKI OTA

I am mainly in charge of designing EOS Series digital SLR cameras. As the key to SLR design is ergonomics, I focus on trying out many types of grips. Every time I set out to design a new grip, I must overcome new challenges.


Design Center KEITA SATO

I joined the company in 2001. I am in charge of overall product design involving SLR cameras and compact digital cameras. I love traveling. Sometimes, on my travels, I come across a camera that is my own design. This gives me a feeling of relief, especially in more remote regions where I don’t understand the language.



I joined the company three years ago. I am in charge of designing lenses and camera accessories. I like traveling and eating fine foods. I like to take photos that record memories of these experiences. In my work, I seek to create cameras that will be treasured, as the things I design will become part of the user's life.