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Canon’s uncompromising devotion to advanced design brings results

The EOS Rebel T3i is equipped with a large 3.0-inch vari-angle LCD and provides a multitude of useful functions. This camera is the fruit of Canon’s unwavering commitment to creating a compact yet multi-functional camera.
The designers created an ultra-streamlined form that is compact enough to feel comfortable even to the smaller female hand. Each button has also been shaped and positioned for improved ergonomics.
Through this devotion to detail, Canon has achieved a highly advanced design.

Expanding the potential of digital photography with vari-angle display

The adoption of the vari-angle LCD required that the entire camera be redesigned in the interests of both compactness and ergonomics.
Since the vari-angle LCD expands the potential of photography with multiple angles, we had to adopt a new approach to operability that considers the position of the user’s left hand.
Therefore, we reconsidered the shape of the grip, reviewed the delicate curve around the shutter button, and studied the movement of the user’s index finger in an effort to enhance the camera’s ergonomics. In addition, we incorporated a grained leather-like sheet on the left side of the camera body for increased grip and to add a touch of luxury. With these innovations, we carefully redesigned the camera to accommodate a variety of the conditions in which photos are taken.

The camera was designed to accommodate
the natural movement of the fingers.

The EOS Rebel T3i creates a new world of independence

Those who are fascinated by their camera are often inspired to move up to a more advanced class of camera. We’ve discovered that long-time owners of an EOS camera, however, are most likely to move on to a newer EOS camera of the same class. This is a recent tendency in our EOS customers.
The significance of this is clear — our EOS cameras are no doubt considered equivalent to cameras of a higher class and have carved out their own independent territory in this market.
There are photos that can be taken only with the EOS Rebel T3i, and there is a lifestyle that can only be enjoyed by owners of the EOS Rebel T3i. Once you’ve established your own independent territory, you can set out on a new life devoted to photography.