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XF305/XF300 Designed by Pros and Pros


Continuing to face new hurdles without compromise

In a sense, the XF305/XF300 can be considered the result of triumphing over a string of never-ending difficulties.
For example, Mr. Kimura addressed the question of the viewfinder eyecup. Because people worldwide would be using the eyecup of the XF305/XF300, Mr. Kimura thoroughly considered its shape, softness and thickness in order to ensure a good fit with the faces of users in North America, Europe and Japan. Finally, he had to reconsider the materials used and their texture as well.
Of course, after consideration of the numerous buttons and switches arranged on the entire camera; the rings of the lens focus and zoom; the positions and angles of connectors; and even the carrying strap, one can state that the XF305/XF300 is clearly the result of countless challenges overcome.

Designing a shape that upholds the Canon image

Canon is a brand that can be recognized at a glance. When designing a Canon product, one assumes the responsibility for creating a design that reflects a certain identity.
That’s why its professional-level tools - for which functionality essentially takes precedence - are always imbued with Canon’s intrinsic quality.
Specifically, Canon’s professional video cameras display the characteristic circular design around the LCD display on the side of the body and the raised hipline at the rear. Mr. Miyazawa maintained his commitment to this essential Canon quality through his impeccable body design work, as he wanted the XF305/XF300 to uphold the brand’s image by expressing confidence and responsibility.

LCD display

LCD display