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Advanced Lens Coating Technology SWC*

Advanced Lens Coating Technology SWC(Subwavelength Structure Coating)


The last challenge in lens design is the pair of phenomena known as ghosting and flare. Using a completely-new coating technology, SWC, Canon succeeded in overcoming those phenomena. By taking a cue from insect eyes and other mechanisms existing in nature and applying leading-edge nanotechnology, Canon realized the creation of a non-reflective structure.
Created : October 2010

* Subwavelength Structure Coating)

Fluorite Lenses-The Ultimate High-Performance Lenses

Fluorite Lenses-The Ultimate High-Performance Lenses


Fluorite is the ideal mineral for correcting chromatic aberration. However, no naturally occurring fluorite can meet all the requirements for a camera lens. Based on our belief in making use of its own abilities to create whatever is necessary, Canon overcame the numerous barriers that stood before us to successfully realize the mass production of fluorite lenses. Canon is now the only manufacturer to incorporate fluorite in its auto-focus lenses for SLR cameras.
Created : September 2011

In Pursuit of the Ideal Lens

In Pursuit of the Ideal Lens


For over 70 years, Canon has been pursuing the ideal lens. This video introduces how an image is created when light passes through a lens and also highlights Canon's technological breakthroughs in aspherical lenses, fluorite lenses and DO lenses, as well as the traditional craftsmanship that makes these lenses possible. This video also presents the advanced design technologies and manufacturing technologies cultivated by Canon over many years.
Created : December 2006

DO* Lens(CG)

DO (Diffractive Optics) Lens (CG)


DO (diffractive optics) lens elements enable telephoto lenses to be lighter and more compact while maintaining a high level of performance. Canon succeeded in creating the innovative DO lenses by bonding a precise diffraction grating to the surface of a glass lens. This video introduces the mechanics of DO lenses, highlighting the construction of dual- and triple-layer DO lenses.
Created : December 2004

* Diffractive Optics