The History of Canon

  • 1933 - 1961

    Canon began with the establishment of Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory in 1933

  • 1962 - 1975

    In 1962, Canon developed its first five-year plan in preparation for full-fledged entry into the business machine market

  • 1976 - 1987

    In 1976, Canon launched its Premier Company Plan with the aim of becoming an excellent global company

  • 1988 - 1995

    In 1988, Canon announced its second inauguration with the launch of the First Global Corporation Plan

  • 1996 -

    In 1996, Canon's innovation activities began with the launch of the Excellent Global Corporation Plan

Canon's Corporate DNA

Canon's Corporate DNA

Behind Canon's 70-plus-year history and development as a business lies its corporate DNA: a respect for humanity, an emphasis on technology, and an enterprising spirit that the company has consistently passed on since its foundation. The enterprising spirit on which Canon was started as a venture company and the relentless drive to distinguish itself through technology permeate the company, and have continued to provide society with new advances. These motivating factors are in turn supported by a respect for humanity, which encompasses meritocracy and an emphasis on good health. Canon is committed to passing its corporate DNA on to future generations to ensure the company grows for another 100, or even 200, years.

The San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit

The San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit

The Three Selfs, the foundation of the company's guiding principles that have been passed down since Canon was founded, are self-motivation, self-management and self-awareness. For Canon, which strives to be a truly excellent global corporation while maintaining the legacy of its corporate DNA, the Three Selfs continue to serve as the company's most important guiding principles.

Take the initiative and be proactive in all things.
Conduct oneself with responsibility and accountability.
Understand one's situation and role in all situations.

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