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Policy and Structure

A Shared Compliance Awareness

At Canon, compliance activities form an essential foundation to become a “truly excellent global corporation.”
Canon Inc. strives to ensure that executives and employees share common values with regard to legal compliance and corporate ethics. We do this by publicizing our corporate principles and policies, building infrastructure, and providing training and education to increase compliance awareness.
Group companies in Japan carry out similar activities, while Group companies worldwide conduct compliance-related activities in accordance with local laws and regulations, with regional marketing headquarters taking the lead.

Canon Group Code of Conduct

In 2001, Canon updated its 1992 “Canon Code of Conduct” from a global perspective and introduced the revised “Canon Group Code of Conduct.” Canon Inc. and its Group companies confirmed acceptance of the revised code at their respective board meetings. The “Canon Group Code of Conduct” has been translated into 14 languages, including English, French and Chinese. Group companies worldwide enforce the “Canon Group Code of Conduct.”
In 2006, a collection of case studies entitled “Practice! A Corporate Ethics Reader” was also distributed to all Group employees in Japan. A second edition was issued in 2008, providing a wider range of common examples and further promoting a deeper understanding of compliance and corporate ethics.

Canon Group Code of Conduct Sections (Extract)
Management Stance
  • 1.Contribution to Society
    •Provision of excellent products •Protection of consumers
    •Preservation of the global environment •Social and cultural contributions •Communication
  • 2.Fair Business Activities
    •Practice of fair competition •Observance of corporate ethics
    •Appropriate disclosure of information
Code of Conduct for Executives and Employees
  • 1.Compliance with Corporate Ethics and Laws
    • Fairness and sincerity • Legal compliance in performance of duties • Appropriate interpretation of applicable laws, regulations and company rules
  • 2.Management of Corporate Assets and Property
    • Strict management of assets and property • Prohibition against improper use of company assets and property
    • Protection of the company's intellectual property rights
  • 3.Management of Information
    • Management in compliance with rules • Prohibition against personal use of confidential and proprietary information •Prohibition against insider trading • Prohibition against the unlawful acquisition of confidential or proprietary information pertaining to other companies • Appropriate use of confidential and proprietary information pertaining to other companies
  • 4.Conflicts of Interests / Separation of Personal and Company Matters
    • Avoidance of conflicts of interests • Prohibition against seeking, accepting or offering improper gifts, entertainment, or other benefits • Prohibition against acquisition of pre-IPO shares.
  • 5.Maintenance and Improvement of Working Environment
    • Respect for the individual and prohibition against discrimination
    • Prohibition against sexual harassment • Prohibition against bringing weapons or drugs to the company workplace

Compliance Promotion System

Canon Inc. has established a Risk Management Committee to develop policies and measures concerning improvement of the Group's risk management system. Within this committee, the Compliance Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring corporate ethics are followed and for building a structure for legal compliance.
Group executives of each Canon Inc. headquarters along with presidents of Group companies have the duty to develop structures for legal compliance based on the policies and measures adopted by Canon Inc.'s Board of Directors. Risk management promoters at each headquarters and Group company are responsible for their administration and execution.
Meanwhile, Canon Inc. divisions in charge of compliance with laws relating to business activities, including legal divisions, quality assurance divisions, and trade control divisions, administer and support the development of legal compliance structures at each headquarters and Group company.

Structure to Promote Compliance

Structure to Promote Compliance

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