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Contributing to a Society in Harmony with Nature

Implementing Biodiversity Conservation Activities Mindful of Ecosystems

Wildfowl survey in the Shimomaruko Forest at Canon's headquartersWildfowl survey in the Shimomaruko Forest at Canon's headquarters

Issues and Approach

People and society are supported by natural capital that includes water, air, soil, and flora and fauna. Given the accelerated pace of extinctions taking place, in order to continue utilizing nature's bounty for generations to come, it is critical that biodiversity be protected globally. At the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity held in 2010, countries adopted the Aichi Target as a long-term target up to 2050 along with other action targets leading up to 2020. Corporations are expected to implement voluntary initiatives as well.
Given the environmental impacts of Canon's business activities, we too recognize the importance of acting to protect biodiversity. Canon has therefore established a Biodiversity Policy (see page 63), including a Basic Policy and Action Guidelines, based on the belief that biodiversity conservation is critical to achieving a sustainable society. Our multifaceted approach includes, but is not limited to, “utilization of Canon technologies and products for biodiversity conservation,” “biodiversity initiatives centered on operational sites,” and “contributions to the realization of a community rich in biodiversity.”

Rate of Extinction (Number of Species that Become Extinct in One Year)

Rate of Extinction (Number of Species that Become Extinct in One Year)

  • Source: Prepared based on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Version 2015.2

Case Study

Launch of the Canon Bird Branch Project to Protect Wildfowl Utilizing Green Spaces within Our Operational Site

The lush green area within Canon's corporate headquarters complex, called Shimomaruko Forest, contains an abundance of wildlife, including such birds as the titmouse, Japanese white-eye and spotbill duck, as well as butterflies, dragonflies, and many other insect species, despite its urban setting. Utilizing this environment, Canon launched the Canon Bird Branch Project in 2015 with the aim of contemplating “the cycle of life” together with stakeholders.
This ecosystem conservation initiative is focused on the theme of birds, which, occupying the top spot in the ecosystem pyramid, are a symbol of the cycle of life. Currently, we are carrying out various activities, including setting up nest boxes and surveillance cameras as well as observing and studying wildfowl species under the guidance of the Wild Bird Society, and holding ecosystem tour events, among others. In the future, these projects will be used as a model for the Canon Group worldwide to help protect and conserve ecosystems wherever possible.

Nest box set up at the Canon's headquartersNest box set up at the Canon's headquarters

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