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Brand Management

Brand Management

Every employee at Canon understands that the Canon brand is the symbol of Canon's commitment to its customers, and that they have a responsibility to fulfill the following mission:

  • As a manufacturer, to deliver high-quality, convenient products that provide customer satisfaction and are a pleasure to use.
  • As a marketing company, to provide optimal solutions and services that meet customer needs.
  • As a corporation, to gain the confidence and trust of society.

Proper brand management is vital to ensure that customers and society are not adversely affected by unauthorized use of trademarks within the Group and improper use of Canon's corporate logos by third parties.
Therefore, Canon established the Brand Management Committee as a deliberative body charged with establishing rules for raising the value of the Canon brand and resolving conflicts. The Brand Management Division was established to serve as the secretariat for the committee and is comprised of relevant persons in charge of branding from each division. This framework allows us to respond promptly to various brand issues as they arise.

Brand Management Rules

Canon has formulated a set of brand management rules, including the Canon Mark Basic Rules, to ensure that its employees use the Canon brand in compliance with regulations and raise the value of the Canon brand through the trust of customers and society.
Canon plans on making fundamental changes to these rules by 2016 based on the current climate as well as feedback concerning its brand received from inside and outside the Group. Based on these plans, in 2015 we made revisions to brand-related rules on the handling of tradenames, trademarks, and domain names, as well as the Canon logo.

Promoting Awareness of the Canon Brand

Canon carries out brand education programs across all Group companies in the regions where it operates to ensure that all employees fully understand the Canon brand and act with propriety and in accordance with pertinent rules. Such education raises the awareness that “Each and every employee embodies the Canon brand.” For example, at Canon Inc. we incorporate brand education into the rank-based training curriculum and also strive to raise awareness utilizing the company's intranet system.
An increasing number of companies have been joining the Group in recent years through M&A, making it important for everyone within the Group to share the same culture and goal awareness. In light of this situation, we are focusing on internal branding so as to increase Group vitality through a shared recognition of the Canon brand. In 2015, we created an English-language version of the brand contents on our intranet system to foster even greater understanding within the Canon Group globally.

Measures to Tackle Counterfeiting

Counterfeit products cannot be overlooked as they not only damage the brand, but may also lead to economic losses arising from malfunctions and inferior quality and, in the worst case, cause injury to or endanger the lives of customers who trust the Canon brand. Accordingly, we are actively carrying out anti-counterfeit measures. We crack down on factories that manufacture counterfeits and retail locations that sell them, while cooperating with customs authorities to stop their importation.
We work with customs authorities on various initiatives, including dispatching employees to serve as lecturers for authenticity seminars for customs officers and for training programs to combat counterfeit products hosted by customs authorities. In recent years, given the sharp increase in the volume of counterfeit products on e-commerce websites, Canon is also actively working to create mechanisms for eliminating such counterfeit products from the Internet.

Seminar for customs officers
Seminar for customs officers

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