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Stakeholder Engagement

Basic Approach

Under its corporate philosophy of kyosei, Canon aspires to be a truly excellent global company that is admired and respected by all stakeholders. We know that in order to achieve this, it is important for us to share our beliefs with customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders, and to deepen mutual understanding by listening intently to feedback from stakeholders.
Following this understanding, Canon is committed to closely engaging stakeholders through the departments placed in charge at Group companies around the world. The opinions and issues brought up through such engagement are carefully and appropriately managed in line with the needs of each location and market. Matters that impact Canon globally are shared across the entire Canon Group, and we work together to find solutions.
Additionally, we hosted Canon EXPO 2015 in Tokyo, New York, Paris, and other major cities. This is a private event held once every five years. Various stakeholders are invited to attend a presentation by our Chairman and CEO to learn about Canon's latest technologies, products and services.
Going forward, Canon will continue to provide various opportunities for engagement with its stakeholders in an effort to realize a better tomorrow for all.

Canon's Main Methods of Engagement with Stakeholders

Canon's Main Methods of Engagement with Stakeholders

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