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Pursuing CSR with Suppliers

Canon strives to ensure that suppliers understand its basic stance regarding the Company's procurement activities so that social responsibilities are fulfilled not only by Canon, but also throughout the supply chain. As part of this effort, we have posted a section entitled "Requests to Suppliers" on our website that clarifies requirements related to the environment, human rights, labor, compliance and other matters.

In accordance with Canon's thorough approach to supply chain management, we conduct online surveys of suppliers who provide production materials and production-related parts, and make use of the survey results in our supplier evaluations. Online surveys are conducted regularly once every year to monitor a wide range of the social and environmental efforts made by suppliers.

In response to an increase in stakeholder interest regarding human rights and labor practices in recent years, survey items concerning these issues have been established based on International Labor Organization (ILO) standards and public guidance from the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). Through the survey, we aim to ensure that suppliers are paying due consideration to such human rights and labor issues as child labor, forced labor including human trafficking, discrimination, minimum wage, working hours and labor union activities.

Furthermore, Canon calls on its suppliers to place similar demands on their upstream suppliers (Canon's second tier suppliers).

Main Survey Items

(As of September 1, 2016)

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