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CSR Reporting


  • Management Approach
  • Job Creation
  • Economic Contributions to Local Communities
  • Data Summary


  • Vision and Strategy
  • Environmentally Conscious Management
  • Contributing to a Low-Carbon Society
  • Contributing to a Circular Economy
  • Eliminating Hazardous Substances and Preventing Pollution
  • Contributing to a Society in Harmony with Nature
  • Data Summary

Labor and Human Rights

  • Management Approach
  • Hiring and Treatment of Human Resources
  • Diversity
  • Assisting Talent and Self Development
  • Occupational Safety and Health Management
  • Respecting Human Rights
  • Data Summary


  • Management Approach
  • Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief
  • Conservation of the Environment
  • Social Welfare / Local Communities
  • Education and Science
  • Art, Culture and Sports

Product Responsibility

  • Management Approach
  • Quality Management
  • Ensuring Product Safety
  • Improving Product Usability

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