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Canon's Growth Strategy and Sustainability

We will contribute to the sustainability of the global community and our planet through the growth of the Canon Group For Society: Creating new value and solving social issues For the Earth: Protection and conservation of the global environment

The Canon Group has been promoting the Excellent Global Corporation Plan since 1996 in an effort to achieve medium- to long-term growth across the entire Canon Group. At the same time, Canon has contributed to the sustainability of society and the environment with the advanced technological strengths, global business deployment, and diverse, specialized human resources that it has cultivated through the diversification and globalization of its business operations.
From 2016, Canon will embark on Phase V of the Excellent Global Corporation Plan, confident in its strategy to foster growth amid the changing social and economic tides of recent years. At the heart of this management strategy are two holistic themes of materiality for sustainability that Canon will address in its efforts to provide solutions to the issues facing the global society.

The Excellent Global Corporation Plan

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