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Contributing to a Society in Harmony with Nature

Today, society must take measures to maintain harmony with the natural environment, including meeting the Aichi Biodiversity Targets adopted at COP10, given the increasing loss of biodiversity caused by climate change and excessive development.
Canon has established a Biodiversity Policy based on its corporate philosophy kyosei and is implementing initiatives using its own products, at its operational sites, and through its corporate citizenship activities.

Biodiversity Policy

Introduction of initiatives that take biodiversity into consideration.

Procuring Wood Products from Responsibly Managed Forests

Learn about Canon's procurement policy for timber products and its efforts for being conscious of forest resources.

Activities Utilizing Our Own Technologies and Products

Introduction to ecosystem surveys and monitoring efforts utilizing Canon's products.
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Activities Led by Operational Sites

Introduction to Canon's efforts to conserve and utilize ecosystems and create green spaces at its operational sites.

Contributing to the Creation of a Society in Harmony with Nature

Introduction to Canon's nature conservation activities implemented by its subsidiaries around the world.

Environmental Activities