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Contributing to a Circular Economy

Greater efforts are underway to use the planet's limited resources more effectively in order to achieve a sustainable, circular economy, given the challenges posed by resource depletion and waste disposal. Canon collects and recycles used products and effectively utilizes resources in product development and at operational sites from the standpoint of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) of resources.

Product-related Initiatives

Introduction to Canon's efforts to conserve resources through prototype-less development, recycling-friendly designs, compact, lighter weight products, and the reduction of packaging materials.

Initiatives at Production Bases

Introduction to Canon's initiatives aimed at reducing waste and water usage during production.

Contributing to Customers' Resource Efficiency with Canon Products

Introduction to Canon's Mixed Reality (MR) system MREAL, which helps customers to reduce their use of resources.

Collecting and Recycling Products

Introduction to Canon's initiatives to recycle used products and recycle consumables, such as cartridges.

Environmental Activities