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Canon China received a Responsible Product Award

Canon China received a Responsible Product Award at the fifth annual meeting of the China CSR 100 Forum* on January 7 2017 in Beijing China.

* The China CSR 100 Forum is an organization supervised by the Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility China Academy of Social Science, with the objective of promoting corporate social Sciences, and leading corporations. The members of the forum are from the government, the Research Center and large corporation.

Ms. Cai, Canon China, far left, received the award.
Ms. Cai, Canon China, far left, received the award.

The Blue Book of Corporate Social Responsibility (2016) issued by the Forum lists assessments of company's CSR endeavors and introduces examples of model practices. At the Forum's annual meeting, awards were presented to model companies and outstanding CRS practices, with over 200 people in attendance from the government, companies, and media outlets.

Canon China was named to the Top 10 Foreign Enterprise Index for their unceasing dedication to CRS. In addition, Canon China won an award in the Responsible Product category for its environmental consideration in all phases of the products lifecycle, from the product design stage through to recycling after its service life. Canon China was the only foreign company among winners.

The award certificate The award certificate

The award trophy The award trophy

Under the Canon Environmental Vision "Action for Green", Canon is committed to minimizing our environmental impact of its products across all lifecycle stages – Produce, Use and Recycle. Canon aim to realize a society that promote both enriched lifestyles and the global environment through technological innovation and improved management efficiency.

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