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Energy- and Resource-Conservation Measures during Procurement

Cooperating with Suppliers to Reduce Environmental Impacts

Canon actively collaborates with suppliers to reduce environmental impacts during the production of raw materials and procured goods.
Specifically, we work with suppliers as part of our green procurement activities to ensure legal compliance in their business activities and to assist them in reducing emissions of CO2, waste products, and chemical substances.
For example, Canon designers visit suppliers to understand issues arising during processing, and reflect solutions in product designs. This in turn reduces the use of raw materials and leads to less energy being consumed during processing. Additionally, we gather information to ascertain the impact suppliers have on the environment.

Being Conscious of Forest Resources

The depletion of forest resources has become a major social issue, and in recent years forest-resource conservation regulations have been tightened around the world, including the EU Timber Regulation in 2013 and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act in 2014.
Canon has for many years acted to conserve forest resources through the procurement of paper manufactured under forest certification schemes for use in its offices and the use of paper manufactured from environmentally conscious raw materials. Furthermore, to ensure the protection of forest resources and compliance with forest resource-conservation regulations, we have published our stance toward timber resources on the Canon website, and also work closely with our suppliers to ensure forest resources are protected.

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