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Energy- and Resource-Conservation Measures during Procurement

Cooperating with Suppliers to Reduce Environmental Impacts

Canon has carried out collaborative activities with suppliers since 2009 to reduce environmental impacts arising during the production of raw materials and procured goods. We aim to cut both CO2 emissions and costs by avoiding wasteful resource use and energy consumption in operational activities by suppliers. To achieve this, Canon and its suppliers are jointly carrying out analysis of and improvements to production processes.
For example, Canon designers visit suppliers to understand issues arising in processing and reflect solutions in product designs. This in turn reduces the use of raw materials and leads to less energy being consumed during processing.

Being Conscious of Forest Resources

The depletion of forest resources has become a major social issue, and in recent years forest-resource conservation regulations have been tightened around the world, including the EU Timber Regulation.
Canon has for many years acted to conserve forest resources through the procurement of paper manufactured under forest certification schemes for use in its offices and the use of paper manufactured from conscious raw materials. Furthermore, we have established and published our policy on the procurement of timber products, and also ask our suppliers to abide by this policy in order to ensure natural resources are protected and forest resource conservation regulations are fully complied with.

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