Excellent Global Corporation Plan

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Phase IV 2011-2015
Canon's Six Key Strategies Targeting Transformation and the Achievement of Continued Growth
Seeking to become a truly excellent global company that is admired and respected around the world, in 1996 Canon launched the medium–to long–term Excellent Global Corporation Plan. Having successfully completed the first three phases of the Plan, we embarked on Phase IV in 2011. Guided by six key strategies, we are carrying out a range of initiatives aimed at achieving our goals for 2015.

1. Achieving the overwhelming No.1 position in all core businesses and expanding related and peripheral businesses

Through the launch of innovative and attractive products and an emphasis on profitable solutions and services, we aim to reach the overwhelming No. 1 position in each of our primary businesses. At the same time, we continue to grow secondary businesses in related areas, such as network cameras and the retail photo segment.

2. Developing new business through globalized diversification and establishing the Three Regional Headquarters management system

We have intensified efforts to strengthen two new business domains for Canon: medical imaging and intelligent robots for automated production. Also, toward the establishment of our Three Regional Headquarters managementsystem, in addition to our center for innovation in Japan, we are adding centers in the U.S. and Europe, developing business in each of these regions in accordance with regional characteristics.

3. Establishing a world–leading globally optimized production system

With the aim of achieving rational production in terms of product quality and cost, we comprehensively assess such factors as distribution, parts procurement, labor and risk. Production is further enhanced through the in–house production of tools, materials and technologies, including automated production systems.

4. Comprehensively reinforcing global sales capabilities

In addition to developed countries, we are working to accurately identify trends in emerging countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa toward the establishment of effective sales structures in these regions. In developed markets we are strengthening our solutions business while in emerging markets we are working to expand our sales office networks.

5. Building the foundations of an environmentally progressive company

Utilizing technology developed to save energy and resources, Canon is working to lessen environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle, from initial design and production to eventual recycling. We aim to be an environmentally progressive company that succeeds in both enriching lifestyles and protecting the environment.

6. Imparting a corporate culture, and cultivating human resources befitting a truly excellent global company

Guided by our San–ji(Three Selfs) Spirit, we continuously strive to transform the company through our enterprising spirit. Along with cultivating and passing down this corporate culture, we conduct international training programs in our mission to develop global human resources.

Canon's Road to Phase IV

Phase I 1996-2000
To strengthen its financial base, Canon transformed its mindset to total optimization and a focus on profit. The company instituted various business innovations, including selection and consolidation of business areas, and reform activities in such areas as production and development.
Phase II 2001-2005
Aiming to become No. 1 in all major business areas, Canon focused on strengthening product competitiveness along with the changing times, stepping up efforts to digitize its products. The company also conducted structural reforms across all Canon Group companies around the world.
Phase III 2006-2010
Canon moved ahead with such growth strategies as enhancing existing businesses and expanding into new areas. Through the thorough implementation of SCM and IT reforms, the company targeted the realization of “real–time management” to respond quickly to changes.

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