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Aiming to achieve sound business growth, we will continue to transform ourselves ahead of the dramatically changing times and in the face of the current turbulent business environment.

In 2012, financial unrest caused by the European debt crisis spread throughout the world, causing economic stagnation in both developed and emerging nations alike. While the U.S. economy has shown signs of gradual recovery in 2013, a sense of economic uncertainty remains.

To overcome these difficult circumstances, Canon adopted as its basic policy for 2013 the “decisive implementation of reforms and achievement of sound business growth in the face of the current turbulent business environment.”

Accordingly, we are working on various measures aimed at attaining our goals for Phase IV (2011–2015) of the Excellent Global Corporation Plan, which is now in its third year. Our first focus is on achieving the overwhelming No. 1 position in all of our core businesses, developing innovative products and creating business models that anticipate market changes. Additionally, to realize the further expansion of our business domains, we are carefully fostering and launching new businesses.

As for our marketing activities, we are boosting our sales capabilities in accordance with the regional characteristics of each country, laying the groundwork for expanded sales, particularly in emerging countries.

With regard to the research and development that supports innovation at Canon, we will be focusing resources on priority projects and accelerating the creation of innovation. Our production activities will benefit from the further strengthening of our automated systems and robot technologies as we promote globally optimized production.

Furthermore, we are active in our efforts targeting rigorous quality control, environmental initiatives, enforcing compliance, human resources development and contributing to society.

Through these activities, we seek to grow and prosper over the next 100, and even 200, years, aiming to be a truly excellent global company that is admired and respected the world over.

Fujio Mitarai Chairman and CEO Canon Inc.
Fujio Mitarai    
Chairman & CEO Canon Inc.

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