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A scene from the photo class

Canon held a Fukushima community support program on July 20, 2016, at the Odagaisama Center in Koriyama in partnership with the Tomioka Social Welfare Council.

In view of the favorable reception March’s camera class received, the Council planned a four-class series, including classes run separately by the Council, for this fiscal year starting in April 2016. This program was the first in the series.

The participants again ranged from people with little camera experience to people who regularly use digital cameras. This time, the camera class spent more time explaining some finer points of photography, such as shutter speeds, apertures, and lighting.

In contrast to March’s zero-degree temperatures that made people reluctant to venture outside, this time temperatures reached 30℃. Using plenty of sunscreen to protect themselves from the strong sun, the participants took photos of sights and flowers that stuck their fancy in and around temporary housing blocks.

The next class in the series will be a photography trip in September organized independently by the Tomioka Social Welfare Council. We look forward to hear about the memorable photos the participants took.

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    Participants shoot photos of flowers in potted plants

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    A participant tries out a telephoto lens

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    Group photo of the participants

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