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Day Service Visitation Volunteer Activity Carried Out

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Preparing the tapestry

On September 29, 2010, Nagahama Canon carried out a visitation volunteer activity at "Furusato-so (hometown house)," a day service social welfare station in eastern Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture. This activity is a program to create a place of interaction with elderly people. It has been held in conjunction with seasonal events since 2009, and the recent activity was the 4th one carried out.

Related to the "harvest moon" time of the year, participants wrote their wishes on illustrations of dumplings and created origami decorations, and then pasted both onto a tapestry sheet. In addition, the volunteers also provided the service of taking photo portraits of each elderly person and printing them out immediately so that they could be presented right there.

Although the activity lasted only about an hour, the volunteers were able to socialize with the senior citizens using the facility, and really feel that they had made them happy.

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    The completed tapestry

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    Photographing the senior citizens

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    Presenting the framed photos

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