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The 12th Eco Festa (festival) Wonderland

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A Canon employee teaches a class in the program

On February 24, 2013, five Canon employees participated in “Eco Festa Wonderland,” held at Ota Ward Ikegami Elementary School. This festival is sponsored by Ota Ward every year, and this year marked the twelfth time it has been held. Along with introducing the activities that the ward government, NPOs, corporations and other organizations routinely carry out, its objective is to have children learn about the environment while enjoying the event through lessons and hands-on experience.

This year Canon prepared an environmental program to have people learn “The Importance of Reducing Trash and Reusing Resources” using toner cartridges. It began with reminding everyone the 3Rs and the importance of sorting and separating trash. Thereafter, the participants divided into teams to take on the challenge of sorting experiments. This had them sort iron/metal, Styrofoam, and different sized plastic items by taking advantage of their respective “properties.” There were very animated exchanges of opinions to decide how to use magnets, sieves, etc. In addition, the venue was alive with the enthusiasm of team members working together on this endeavor. The successful completion of the experiments by all the teams was met with warm applause from all the participants.

Canon closed the program by introducing its recycling efforts. Accompanied by visual aids, Canon explained its adoption of sorting methods that actually make use of the properties of various materials in its toner cartridge recycling factory. The participants voiced surprise to hear that if all the toner cartridges recycled to date were lined up they would circle the globe over 1.5 times.

All the five classes were filled to capacity, and many people, including observers, visited the Canon booth. Furthermore, there was a used ink cartridge recycling box placed in the booth, and the “Ink Cartridge Homecoming Project” was also introduced.

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    A team tackling the sorting “mission”

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    A lively scene in the Canon booth

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