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The 3rd Senior Citizens' Festival held in Unoki District

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Visitors have their photos taken against the background of a flower garden.

On February 28, 2007, Canon participated in The 3rd Senior Citizens' Festival held in Unoki District, which is a regional contribution event sponsored by the Unoki District Town Association Union (Ota Ward, Tokyo). This annual event provides local senior citizens with an opportunity to meet at a familiar place. It was the third time that Canon has taken part in the event. Twenty-six organizations took part in the festival, and there were more than 600 visitors.

Canon staff provided visitors with digital single-lens reflex cameras to take photos, and printed them. Everyone was happy about having their photos taken, and those who had seldom had a chance to become acquainted with digital equipment were fascinated by direct printing in which a digital camera is connected directly to a printer to print pictures. They were delighted to be presented with the finished photos.

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    The 3rd Senior Citizens' Festival

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