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3rd Summer Vacation Canon Factory Kids’ School Held

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Children taking nature photos as they like

Canon held “The 3rd Summer Vacation Canon Factory Kids’ School” for elementary school pupils in Oita Prefecture, on August 24, 2012, as a part of Canon's community communication activities in the Oita area. This event's objective was to have children become interested in "monozukuri (making things/manufacturing),” as well as science and the environment through scientific experiments and the observation of nature.

The school presented ten programs this time, including the “Experiencing Monozukuri Rally,” “Handmade Camera Production Classroom,” “Cubic Kaleidoscope Production Classroom,” “Printer Classroom” and “Electric Circuit Classroom.” One hundred sixty-five children participated on this day.

In one popular program, “Experiencing Photography that Explores Nature,” each participating child was loaned a digital camera to take photos of the natural environment freely as they wished, as they strolled through “Canon Woods", on the grounds of Oita Canon. Because the day of the event this year was blessed with fair weather following rain, the participants were able to see far more insects than usual and enjoy beautiful sights of nature.

In addition, as Oita Canon has been breeding and releasing Japanese pheasants in the hope of reviving the population that had inhabited the area prior to the construction of the Oita Canon factory. Over the past two years, not even one pheasant was produced; however, this year the project seriously took on the challenge of artificial incubation, and in May succeeded in hatching 34 chicks, which are developing quickly and healthily. These rarely seen pheasant chicks were exhibited during the program to the great delight of the children.

After the photography session, the shots taken were printed out using a photo printer, and the children were able to create original photo books to help them remember the day.

The participating children offered their impressions of the experience with comments such as that “It was great to be able to see so many insects,” I enjoyed being able to take photos of nature and insects with a camera” and “It was great to be able to talk to a variety of people and take some good photos.”

Canon hopes that interacting with nature in this way by actually using a camera will encourage an interest in the environment and biodiversity and contribute to the development of awareness concerning the conservation of the natural environment.

The other programs offered through this Summer Vacation Canon Factory Kids’ School also presented the children with the opportunity to whole-heartedly engage in “monozukuri (making things/manufacturing),” which they usually don't encounter in their daily lives, and enabled them to experience something invaluable.

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    Walking in the “Canon Woods”

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    A photo taken by a participant

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    A photo taken by a participant

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