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Canon “Lens-making Classroom” at Monodzukuri Taikan Stadium

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Children and parents enjoying lens-making together

Canon took part in the Monodzukuri Taikan Stadium event held at the Keio University Hiyoshi Campus, on February 25 and 26, and ran a lens-making classroom.

The Monodzukuri Taikan Stadium event is an opportunity for children to experience the fun of craftsmanship and science, with the goal of helping to cultivate the environment that will nurture people who will be involved in manufacturing in the future. Canon Inc. serves as a member of the joint chairing board of the Monodzukuri Nippon Conference, one of the organizers of this event.

For its third year, 9 corporations, including Canon, Yamaha Motors, Toray Industries and JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation participated in the Monodzukuri Taikan Stadium.

The Lens-making Classroom Canon conducted at the event is an original program Canon created to deepen children’s interest in optics. The class began by introducing the history of the camera, followed by a simple explanation of the mechanics of cameras and lenses. Next, using familiar materials such as a magnifying glass and handicraft paper, children made lenses by hand. After that, they attached their hand-made lens to a single-lens reflex digital camera and took pictures. They then selected their favorite photo, which was printed out on a compact photo printer and presented to them.

Forty pairs of parents and children participated in the Canon Lens-making Classroom during the event. Their impressions included the comments that, “I now really understand how a lens works" and “This was the first time I took photos on my own, and I really enjoyed doing it.” In addition, the parents offered remarks such as that, "My child undertook lens-making with great enthusiasm while also enjoying the activity” and “I thought this was a good opportunity for us because by seeing my child show great interest and enjoyment in taking photos, I was able to discover something new about my child.”

Four Canon volunteers, who were enlisted through an advance in-house recruitment, helped to run the program by cooperating to provide instruction in lens-making and support for picture taking. They also interacted closely with the children and parents who participated in the class.

This year, the Monodzukuri Taikan Stadium event was held in collaboration with “The Workshop Exposition for Children: Workshop Collection 8,” which is organized by CANVAS, an NPO, and Keio University's Graduate School of Media Design. About 74,000 people visited the event over its two-day period, making it Japan’s largest general monodzukuri (craftsmanship) event that can be enjoyed by parents and children.

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    The Lens-making Classroom

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    Canon volunteer helping with lens-making

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    Taking photos outdoors with cameras using hand-made lenses

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