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Educational Program Class: “The Color-production Systems of Cameras and Printers”

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Explaining the workings of an inkjet printer as it is printing

On January 25, 2013, as a part of its career education activity, Canon had an employee teach its educational program class, "The Color-production Systems of Cameras and Printers," to 21 students of the Yokohama Municipal Fujinoki Junior High School.

The class began by having the students take on the challenge of shooting photos on their own using a single-lens reflex digital camera. These shots were printed out using a special inkjet printer prepared for the class, which allows the printing process to be viewed directly. The students showed great interest as they watched their photos emerge rapidly on white paper.

This was followed by using a small microscope to view the printed photos magnified by 100 times. The students raised cries of wonder at seeing that a smooth and beautiful photo was actually composed of many small dots. They also experimented by viewing printed material and pamphlets on hand under the microscope one after another. Upon taking an even closer look, they realized that the colors of these dots were produced through combinations of only three different colors; what are called the three primary colors.

Shouts of surprise rang once more at the sight of vivid color photos actually being created merely by overlapping three sheets of transparent film, each printed with the three respective primary colors: cyan, magenta and yellow. Thereafter, they all took part in a game where they combined colors. By playing this game they were able to actually experience for themselves the production of a variety of colors through the combination of the three primary colors alone.

In the second half of the class, the instructor introduced the students to the technology used in a Canon inkjet printer, and also explained the various operations Canon undertakes, such as research and development, production and sales. The instructor also answered questions the students had been asked to submit.

Lastly, to commemorate the class, Canon presented all the students with copies of the group photograph taken at the beginning of the class. Experiencing the wonders of things familiar to them and also learning about how Canon works and the duties of its employees, the students listened earnestly during this class, which taught them things that were unlike their usual lesson contents.

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    Detecting dots of color with a microscope

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    Scene of the class being taught

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    Tackling the color combination game

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