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Carrying on the spirit of the activity in the Mitake area last fall, the "Canon's Environmental Conservation Activities : Getting in Touch with Our Local Nature Habit" held an activity for employees and their family members on April 19, 2008.

This program, organized in cooperation with the Wild Bird Society of Japan, provided participants with the opportunity to learn about natural conservation activities by walking with a WBSJ ranger through Yokohama Nature Sanctuary, and listening to the ranger's explanations concerning the plants and animals inhabiting the forest, while carrying out efforts to help keep the forest clean.

Although it had been raining until the morning of the day of the activity, the skies had cleared by time the hike began.

For this activity the participants walked an approximately two-hour nature observation course departing from Yokohama Nature Sanctuary and ending at the Kanazawa Zoo. Along the way, they carried out clean-up efforts on Oomaru-yama, a mountain that provides a fine view of surrounding areas.

At the Kanazawa Zoo, they toured the veterinary clinic and learned about the impact on wild animals of human activities, such as littering.

The feedback from participants, such as that "I was able to spend time interacting with nature and being aware of the environment," demonstrated that this activity was an opportunity to learn about natural conservation.

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    Picking up litter

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    Commemorative group photo on Oomaru-yama

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