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"Learning about the Local Natural Environment and Culture" Environmental Conservation Activity

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Describing the various trees in the forest

On May 8, 2010, as a part of its nature conservation efforts, Canon held "Learning about the Local Natural Environment and Culture," a nature conservation program, at Ueno Park.

Inaugurated in 2006, this was the ninth time this program was held. The purpose was to have Canon employees and their family members learn about and experience nature conservation. With the cooperation of the C&P (Community and Partnership) Support Center, a nonprofit organization, this time the program was run based on the theme of "Another Aspect of Ueno Park." It involved tracing the history of Ueno Park as a "protected forest," from the tumulus period (mid 3rd century to late 6th century) to the present, and using a quiz to learn about the importance of the natural environment around us and about local culture.

Although many people visit Ueno Park, on this occasion the program's participants were able to enjoyably roam its grounds listening to an expert explain things. They learned about this forest in the middle of city and the animals living in it and listened to anecdotes about the bronze statues in the park and a variety of other stories people usually would not have the opportunity to hear.

On this day, 30 Canon employees and their family members participated in the program. The comments received from them on their impressions of the activity included "As I have been to Ueno Park many times before, I was truly surprised to learn that there were so many places in the park that were unknown to me," "I participated with my child, and it was good to be able to share an activity with a concrete objective. My child also found it enjoyable" and "I now understand that 'learning' about something is the basis for appreciating it and wanting to protect it." These words demonstrate that this was indeed a great opportunity to learn broadly about the natural environment, history and culture.

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    Walking around in the park

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    Taking the quiz

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    Group photo in front of the whale

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