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"The Daishihashi Mud Flats - Protecting Nearby Mud Flats," a Program to Protect the Natural Environment

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Observing Organisms in the Mud Flats around Daishi Bridge

On July 16, 2011, as part of its nature conservation effort, Canon implemented "The Daishihashi Mud Flats - Protecting Nearby Mud Flats" program. This was the 10th time Canon has carried out this program to protect the natural environment.

This project was carried out at the Daishihashi mud flats near Daishi Bridge in Tokyo's Ota Ward. Twenty-eight employees and their family members took part. The Daishihashi mud flats are one of the few mud flats still remaining in the lower reaches of the Tama River. Besides playing an important role in cleaning the waters of the Tama River and Tokyo Bay, it is also a valuable breeding ground for wildlife.

As the participants observed the organisms inhabiting the mud flat, an expert from a non-profit organization explained the distinguishing features of many different species of crab, shijimi (corbicula clam), lugworm, and so forth. They were able to actually see how shijimi purified the water.

The group also picked up garbage buried in the mud, collecting approximately 27 kg of umbrellas, wood scraps, plastic bags, bits of metal and glass and other refuse.

The project was a valuable opportunity to learn about the importance of natural ecosystems. Among the comments received from the participants were remarks such as that, "I really wanted to show my daughter the mud flats, because she had read about them in her school textbook. Just looking at a photograph of them in a book is after all not the same as actually experiencing them," and "It made me realize that experiencing the natural environment does not have to be a special thing done in a special place, but that we are able to experience nature as we did today, at a place that is very close by and familiar."

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    Participants listening to the NPO expert's explanation

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    Yamatoosagani sand crab inhabiting the mud flats

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    Group photo

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