What can we do through photography? What is possible only through photography?


Excellence Award Winner

Sohei Nishino
“Diorama Map”
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Entries form : Lambda print (1,030mm x 1,080mm) 5 dioramas

I am deeply committed and passionate about photography. I believe that photography is a way of looking at the self. Rather than thinking about what I can do with photography, I take pictures in a quest to see what I can become through photography. Diorama Map is a series of photos taken from different locations to provide a bird’s eye view of the cities where they were taken (for example, Osaka combines about 40 to 50 locations). All my own traces (cut photos) are fitted together to form a collage. I think this is a kind of map diorama. The result is a distillation of my own photographic style.

This work required a great deal of my passion and energy and entailed a great deal of financial, physical, and spiritual hardship. After completing it I realized that it grew out of my experiences during a Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage that I went on alone as my high school graduation trip. The pilgrimage for me meant simply walking the route - I had no particular underlying motivation or goal for doing it. I think the spiritual core of my work came from this experience, and I continuously take pictures to emphasize the spirit of going ever forward.

1982: Born in Hyogo Prefecture.
2004: Graduated from Photography Department, Osaka University of Arts.
2005: Japan Professional Photographers Society President’s Award winner at the JPS Young Eye Exhibition.
Present: Freelance photographer.

Selecting judge: Fumio Nanjo

The work consists of photographs of cities taking from the air carefully cut and assembled into collages. Assembled from thousands of cut photos, the work requires considerable attention to detail and an ability to calculate the composition around a single point of reference that is extraordinary and fascinating. I would like to see him take on the challenge of a diorama of the world and all its cities.