What can we do through photography? What is possible only through photography?


Excellence Award Winner

Ikumi Taniguchi
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Entries form :Prints, 457mm×560mm, 79 prints, black and white photographic printing paper

They were fascinating beings,
enjoying being women right before my eyes.
And on the other hand,
they made me jealous with the femininity they had that I did not.
Without knowing their true qualities,
without knowing them as individuals,
They could only exist as a third party,
I looked in on from outside, imagining and judging with my own set of values.
That was certainly not their true selves
and nothing but something I'd created inside myself.
To me, the air and space we shared was to me like something that happened at school.
It was youth itself.

  • 1988:
    Born in Kagoshima Prefecture
  • 2008:
    Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography Photography Course 2
  • 2007:
    "SYNAPSE" (Gallery LE DECO)
  • 2008:
    Tokyo College of Photography 48th Graduate Exhibition (Fuji Film Photo Salon - Tokyo)
  • 2008:
    Tokyo College of Photography Graduate Exhibition (Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino)


Selecting judge: Katsumi Omori

"These are photographs" I thought. Right now, alive. Like music. Flashy hair, accessories, the raw, vivid feeling. But the expression itself is sophisticated, and cool. It feels like the person taking the pictures is consciously present. There's so much information, you can look into every nook and cranny and never get bored. The size of the prints and the title are good, and when I flipped through it I got a good feeling. I want to see what photographs this person makes next. I feel like this project was done to its fullest, and I don't think she will just drag on doing the same old thing. It might not even be photography, and if she's going to continue with it, she'll probably photograph something different.