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Ichiko Uemoto publishes "ECD work, my diary of child-rearing chaos"

New Cosmos of Photography 2003 (26th competition) Excellence Award winner Ichiko Uemoto has published a book titled "ECD work, my diary of child-rearing chaos." Her husband is 51-year old rapper ECD. At present she is busy running around looking after her infant and two-year old daughters. She is pressed with housework, deals with crying children, and is woken by rap early in the morning. This is daily life in the Ishida household as they live life to the full, while enduring fears of earthquakes and nuclear power plants. There are 17 freshly captured photos taken from the viewpoint of a mother, wife, and photographer, as well as a child-rearing diary. Take a look.

"ECD work, my diary of child-rearing chaos "

The spectacular lifestyle of rapper ECD and his wife and children, complete with a household account book

Price : ¥1,575 (¥1,500 before tax)
Release Date : October 25, 2011
Sales : Music Magazine (Contact : 03-3263-3201)
URL : http://musicmagazine.jp