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Canon Gallery New Cosmos of Photography Magazine Distribution Notification

The 2010 (the 33rd competition) winning collection is being distributed and is available free of charge from today in New Cosmos of Photography Magazine #25 to anyone that wants a copy, at seven Canon Gallery locations nationwide (Shinagawa, Sapporo, Sendai*, Ginza, Nagoya, Umeda, and Fukuoka). Anyone wanting a copy can pick one up from the designated location within each of the galleries. However, due to a limited number available, distribution will be ended when stocks run out. Thank you for your understanding.

Distribution locations

Canon Gallery S (Shinagawa)
Canon Gallery Sapporo
Canon Gallery Sendai*
Canon Gallery Ginza
Canon Gallery Nagoya
Canon Gallery Umeda
Canon Gallery Fukuoka

For details of Canon Galleries, click here

*Canon Gallery Sendai is closed for the time being due to the March 11 earthquake, the distribution will start when re-opened.

Details of Distributed Material

■ New Cosmos of Photography Magazine #25, published in March 2011, 60 pages

• Excellence Award selection committee meeting report, and a report on the Grand Prize Selection Open-Committee Meeting
• Grand Prize and Excellence Award works introductions, comments from the judges, and interviews
• Honorable Mention works, and comments from the judges
• Portfolio and interview: 2006 Grand Prize winner Cozue Takagi, and 2009 Grand Prize winner Misato Kuroda

New Cosmos of Photography Magazine #25 (cover)


New Cosmos of Photography Magazine #25