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New Special Interview The Minds Behind the Magic Development of the Professional-Use 30-inch 4K Display

R&D Topics Creating New Markets in the Future Searching for Seeds of Technology Research in Pre-Competitive Areas Pre-competitive fields offer the seeds of technologies for creating new markets and expanding business. Canon is working toward future commercialization through research activities targeting even higher levels of innovation.

R&D Topics Pursuing the Ultimate in Imaging Reality Next-Generation Image-Processing Technology Next-generation image-processing technologies for reconstructing photos and video and realistically merging them with CG images. Canon is pursuing a world of imaging reality that surpasses conventional imaging technologies.

  • Canon's R&D Creating distinctivetechnologies to nourish Canon's growth
  • NEW R&D Topics Canon carries out the cutting-edge research and development
  • Imaging Pioneering History —Long history of technological development— Canon's history is a history of embracing technological challenge
  • Technology Supporting Canon Today An Introduction to the various technologies found in Canon products

The Minds Behind the Magic Interview

New Interview

Professional-Use 30-inch 4K Display
The Story Behind the Development of the DP-V3010 Display

Aiming to lead the industry, Canon enters the 4K motion-picture and television production display market.

Four developers discuss the challenges they overcame prior to the launch of the DP-V3010 30-inch 4K professional display, a long-awaited video-output device that combines various Canon imaging technologies.

What's New

August 28, 2014
An interview with the developers of the 30-inch 4K professional display has been added to "The Minds Behind the Magic."
December 25, 2013
An interview with development team members of Large-format Inkjet Printer has been added to "The Minds Behind the Magic."
April 23, 2013
"Next-Generation Image-Processing Technology" and "Research in Pre-Competitive Areas" have been added as feature topics.
Added "Digital Cinema Cameras" and updated "Common Platform Technologies" in Technology Supporting Canon Today.
April 9, 2013
Updated "Canon's R&D".
"Medical Imaging" has been added as feature topics.
Added "Interchangeable Lenses" and updated "Multimedia Projectors," "Production Engineering Technologies" in Technology Supporting Canon Today.
Updated PDF download.
March 25, 2013
"Prime-Focus Corrector for Subaru Telescope" has been added as feature topics.
Updated "Digital SLR Cameras," "Network Cameras" in Technology Supporting Canon Today.
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