Strengthening Technological Capabilities with Breadth and Depth

To further strengthen the company's technologies, Canon is proceeding to expand the breadth and increase the depth in the technological fields that form the company's current core competencies.

Expanding the Breadth of Technology

Research and Development of Material Technology

Expanding the breadth of a technology means to expand its range.
For example, in the field of optical technology, by expanding the wavelength bands from visible light to also include infrared and ultraviolet light, Canon has further strengthened the technologies surrounding those in which it has historically excelled. This can lead to such new possibilities as widening the scope of application and the resolution of technological issues through different approaches.

Increasing the Depth of Technology

Increasing the depth of a technology means to ensure that the variety of that technology is as rich as possible within a single area.
Even when considering a single type of optical coating material, this can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as chemical solution deposition and the use of a porous thin film. Multiple technologies are available to select from based on the optimal means for realizing the characteristics of the coating material and the desired specifications.
In an age marked by intense technological competition and dizzyingly rapid changes in market conditions, it is necessary to have flexible research and development capable of anticipating and adapting to change. It is essential to have as many technologies as possible to draw upon, and to be positioned to immediately respond to any requirement.

In this way, Canon will utilize its increasingly broad and deep fundamental technologies to develop technologies that form the core of efficient new businesses, and to promote the implementation of technological platforms that can immediately respond to market needs.