The Minds Behind the Magic : Special Interview / Merging 3-D computer graphics with real space MR(Mixed Reality) Technology

2010 is said to be the year that marks the beginning of 3-D television. Although 3-D video has normally only been available in such places as entertainment centers, the day is fast approaching when every home will be able to enjoy 3-D entertainment. The shift into the 3-D era is quickly becoming a reality.
Canon possesses unique 3-D imaging technology. By wearing an HMD (Head Mounted Display), users can experience realistic 3-D computer graphic images right in front of their eyes, allowing them to approach a virtual object and experience it from different angles. This is achieved through MR (Mixed Reality) Technology, which enables the real world and the virtual world to be brought together seamlessly and in real-time.
Canon has completed the basic research phase for MR technology and is now poised to enter a phase focused on practical applications.
What are the mechanisms used to bring the real and virtual worlds together? At this time, how far can this new reality go and what are its technical applications? We spoke to four of the developers who work on MR technology.

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Tadahiro Suda
Born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1955. After eight years of editing work at communications and publishing companies, struck out on his own in 1987 and founded an editing production agency. Soon shifted his focus to freelance journalism and writing, working extensively for business information journals and job-transfer publications. In recent years, writing work has shifted from print media to portal sites, often focusing on the history of technological developments and career development for engineers.
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