TSUZURI Cultural Heritage Inheritance Projec


Passing down precious Japanese cultural heritage to future generations.

Of the many important cultural assets from Japanese antiquity such as folding screens and sliding door paintings, some are rarely shown to the public because they have been owned in other countries, or remain in Japan but need to be protected from deterioration, or because of national regulations.
In March 2007, the Kyoto Culture Association (NPO) and Canon Inc., launched the "Tsuzuri Project" (Official Title: Cultural Heritage Inheritance Project), and began work that would allow more people to experience the value of these cultural assets through high resolution facsimiles created by a combination of Canon's latest digital technology and Kyoto's traditional arts and crafts.
The Kyoto Culture Association, with its wealth of experience in preserving cultural heritage over many years, and Canon, with its high definition, high quality digital image technology, will combine to pass wonderful assets onto future generations, thus contributing to the evolution of society and culture through art.